1st Great Year! *warning, sappy*

One year ago, Mother’s day weekend, Jonathan and I went out to eat and then took a walk around my neighborhood. He had to leave by a certain time to make it back to Liberty that night. We had already hung out a few times before this, lunch at Little Italy and then sitting with him at a West baseball game; a walk around the park in freezing cold weather (because it was too cold to get ice cream) talking about hell and homosexuality, you know, the normal getting to know you questions. HA! After our walk around the neighborhood we sat on the back of his jeep and talked (for quite a while actually). We realized that we really liked each other and didn’t want to date anyone else, even though he was going back to school and still had a month left, and then who knew where he would be. We still decided to be exclusive (yes I said that, and it always makes me think of the Saved By The Bell episode where Slater is trying to say exclusive but can’t–“exclu-exclu-exclu…”). So, 3 hours later than planned, Jonathan finally started his way back to Lynchburg.

One year ago we decided to start dating. Neither one of us knowing exactly where the journey would take us, or how it would end up. We’ve gone through a lot of things in this last year and it hasn’t always been easy. There was no hanging out after we started dating, he was in school in another state. We’ve only been in the same town together for 1 month. After the month of June, he moved to TN to start his job and it was hard. I had gotten used to seeing him everyday in June and then went to talking once a day and sometimes not even that. Things got tough. Then we thought he would be back in NC after a year, but he decided to stay in TN longer.

I don’t say all of this to whine or complain. I’ve loved every minute of our relationship. Some days and weeks were harder than others and we still have our moments of frustration of being apart, but even though we are 4 hours apart, I wouldn’t change anything. This last year has taught us both things and has helped us grow as people and as a couple. It helped us realize things that needed to change and has helped us rely more on God than on the other person.

I’m really excited to see what this next year brings us, not just in our relationship, but in our separate lives as well. Hopefully by this time next year I wont be having to drive 4 hours a couple of times every month. It’s killing me on gas!!! But anyway, this was my rant. And as if it wasn’t sappy enough already: Thank you Jonathan for a great first year and I can’t wait to spend many more with you!!


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