Yeah, God still speaks

Twice this week God kind of nudged me in the side. Well, I take that back. It was three times and it was more a slap in the face. Let me back up a bit.

Over the past few months I haven’t really been having “quiet time” or spending much time with God. I’m normally too busy or too tired. The nights that I work I don’t really have time. Or maybe I have time, but I feel like giving God the 20 minutes before I go to bed isn’t good enough. Plus, some nights I am talking to Jonathan. The nights/days that I don’t work I have other things to do. And I can tell that I have been getting apathetic about it lately too. I mean I care that I haven’t been spending time with him, but not enough to do anything about it. I’ll think about it right before I go to bed, but that’s about as far as I get.

So, back to God slapping me. In the most holy way of course. Slap number one was Wednesday night while Jonathan was speaking at FUEL. They are doing their big sex series and his topic was Chick Magnet talking about how to be a Godly man. He basically was talking about 3 things that they need to be Godly men and three things that will keep you from that. Well, one of them was talking about how you need to pursue God and that busyness keeps you from it. Now, when I heard him say this I really didn’t think twice about it until today’s church service. Which brings us to slap number two.

Church today. Brad’s doing his thing and was talking about the holy spirit and basically hearing from God. Well, at the end he had this questionnaire thing about if you hear God speak to you in dream, worship songs, through scripture and stuff like that. He’s going through them asking us and I’m thinking to myself yes, that’s happened before. But not lately. Hmm. That’s when what Jonathan said on Wednesday came back into play. I haven’t really been pursuing God lately. Which explains why I haven’t really felt God talking to me or showing me where I need to go next.

Then enters slap number three, and perhaps one of the worst. Lunch today. Yes, after church lunch is supposed to be fun and laid back. Well, it was and I loved it, but God still showed me I was being stupid. Jonathan and I went to lunch with an amazing couple from church today that’s around our age. Not too long ago they were somewhat in the same situation me and Jonathan are getting in; being apart, trying to get in the same city, and taking the relationship to the next level. So the girl is just like me. Likes to plan and have things organized and kinda flips out a little if things don’t go the way we expected them to. The guy is pretty much like Jonathan. Laid back, knowing it will all come together in time. Well, both of them were telling Jonathan and me (well mainly me) all the amazing things that God did and is still doing with them getting a place to live and jobs and stuff like that. She said that when she was reading scripture God really spoke to her and told her that it would be alright. They were saying other stuff too about trusting in God and things, but what she said really hit me. It wasn’t some pastor telling it to me. It was someone around my age that had been through some of the same things I am getting ready to face.

Here again, for the third time, God is trying to get me to realize and take heart about not spending time with him. Three different situation, all with the same thing. All God telling me Come back. I need to make time to get in God’s word. I need to make time to spend talking and listening to him. I need to stop being so “busy.” Basically, I just need to stop making excuses for why I’m not spending time with Him and just do it.

It amazes me the way God always reveals things to me. And even in my times of thinking that God wasn’t speaking to me, He was. And that just makes God even more awesome, if that’s possible.


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